In a nutshell.

SOOOOOOO, I’m gonna update today. :) Looooong dayyy, especially when you have nothing to do. Came back from a shopping spree, and FYI I haven’t got myself any new piece of clothing for CNY 2013 yet. Yeap, not even one. Usually this time years before I have already had a closet full of dresses, tops, jeans, skirts that I want to wear so badly. And I have already gone to Malacca two times, yet still bought nothing. Now kinda regret that I didn’t buy the skirt I saw at Pahlawan Mall. :/
This post is supposed to be about the trivia happened from June till now since I haven’t blogged for such a long time. :D
So, uhmm, after waiting for five whole years, we’ve graduated from high school! Actually it wasn’t the actual day we left school because after that we had to go back for the scary as hell SPM. And frankly speaking it was not a really enjoyable day. We had had our graduation from kindergarten, graduation from primary school, and now graduation from high school. It was not a big deal as we had not freed ourselves from books, just yet. :(
And throughout the whole day, we were all like, “frigging hot mannnnn!” No kidding. Just the thought of the situation makes me sweat. LOL nah am exaggerating a lil bit. Not much memories for that day as we were just walking around, taking pictures, and then we went home. No crybaby, no kiss goodbye, no nothing.
*The person behind the crying rabbit was me if you are wondering. :)
This was the actual day we graduated. UHM not really. But that was what we thought. That was the day we were in our class together, at the same block, in the same school, having our silly conversations as usual, making fun of each other, laughing like mad women for the last t


 *The picture above this class picture is hahahahhhahaha ASHIN :)
To be honest, I wasn’t really pleased with this class I was in this year. Wanted it to stay the same this year and last year. But then it wasn’t up to us, it was the school’s decision and obviously we couldn’t argue with school management department. lol *so serious meh?* But then it’s quite ok lah, after a year. 
Nothing to talk about also. Nothing interesting. Hahaha 
Random picture taken on the last day of tuition. Captioned this as “Getting angpau on the last day of tuition.” Haha actually it was just tuition fee that we overpaid and tuition teacher was kind enough to put it in red packet for us. 
And  sweet memories here. So the last holiday before my major exam, dad decided to bring us all to Cameron Highlands. Uncles and aunts went with us also. :) The first day wasn’t really fun but everything just got better the next day. Kinda miss the chilly weather there. Fun fact, there was no fans or air-cons in the chalet we stayed, but it was freezing cold at night. Trust me, two blankets weren’t enough.
Liked the night market there. No obvious difference from the night market here but the grass is always greener 0n the other side of fence. Hahaha. 
Btw, don’t listen to friends if they say chehh Cameron Highlands no longer cold already lahh, warm warm like that, not good. That was what some of my friends said to me. It was actually completely opposite. And and and and and despite the cool weather, got to see a lot of good-looking angmohs there. Hahaha
Getting more and more boring already this post. Think I should stop writing now. Teehee. 
Last but not least, I have to say something. So last week I got my hair cut and I have bangs now. And I wasn’t really happy about some friends’ first reaction when they saw me. Some of them were like why you follow chuckei? Why copy her? , tbh I wouldn’t be angry if you said I don’t look good with this hairstyle rather than saying me copy others. I didn’t know Chuckei got her hair cut. :/ I have already wanted to cut my hair long ago. That time Nana also got her hair cut so I decided not to cut it or else people would say the same thing. GRRHHHHHHH Not happy at all lahh.