Here We Go Again!

58th Sports Day :)

Sports day 2011 fell on 30 June which is the last day of June, thursday, which is the day before Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! So we didn’t get to get down which was pretty sad :P

Beeteedoubleu, no doubts sports day is a fun day! I kind of started loving it since I was in Sec 1, though I didn’t take part in any events. ( IM a sport-idiot! ) But this year it’s a lot more different from yesteryears! *not a lot frankly* except the flawless marching band performance ( which is why I was *and in fact am still* so damn excited about Sports Day ) and the others! Love TIGS band so much! HAHA! 

Nope, not the excellent athletes who had caught our eyes. It happened right after silat performance. It’s believed that a malay girl had been possessed by a spirit. And some malays told us not to look her into her eyes. It happened once before when I was 13 *so young :P* For more details, please DM me, teehee.


Omigawd, I didn’t realize before that IM so in love with SPORTS DAY, especially the marching band performance which was so amazing! And now IM thinking maybe I should join our school band! :P

HAHA, so sports day 2011 ended. And we gonna wait for another 12 months till the next Sports Day :( I love it to the max, just can’t wait! :D


 Larian Serentak, 1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia :)

In order to curb the increasing social ills among students, the government has come out with a new concept for the nation called “1 Student 1 Sport”.  No details available. :)

Today, saturday, the day after Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday! , sadly, we still can’t get down on Friday! :( Sorry Rebecca. And we went for a MEANINGFUL walk! HAHA! Just a walk for 1 kilometre I think, *but zhiqiang xiaozhang told us it’s 2 kilometres*. Btw not much differences. :) When I was 13, I had my first love, bilibalabili balabilibalabi! :P When I was 13, I hated this kind of thing to the core, I was like “this is insane, is our school trying to kill us?” And now, I gotta tell you that, I LOVE THIS! :D

After the walk, we were supposed to go back to our classes and clean them. So as usual, we did nothing. When it comes to working, count us out! :D We took a bunch of pictures HAHA!




That’s all for today. It’s been two awesome days for me! I love LIFE !

Yours sincerely,

WanQing ♥