Heyy, it’s H-O-L-I-D-A-Y! Am I late? Oh how many days has passed? Duh, don’t care! And as always, what you want me to do? Obviously nobody wants to continue slogging like a nerd (No Offence!) You know what we are :)

Oh yeah recently I m kind of addddicted to an Internet social networking site ………………….. BAH not facebook! It’s #TWITTER!

It’s just like PLURK! Im not outdated or something, just the quotes written by people I follow are awesome like hell! Twitter will soon take over the world and Facebook will go down, sooner or later! *evil laugh*

Facebook is for the people you go to school with, Twitter is for people you wish you go to school with.

This, I have to admit, is partially true. They write quotes which speak out from the core of our hearts, I doubt you won’t be addicted after you read their tweets! And also some facts written by some of them, majority are humorous, some are knowledgeable, and almost each and every one of them will make you feel like “OMG this is so true that I want to jump off the cliff or roll on the floor kissing my pet and give the santa claus a kick!” *Im just exaggerating it*

For Your Information, we ( RachelZee, JiaXin, JaimeLee, TzeYing and I ) are gonna make another video for you ( if you are interested? ) Nah, kidding, not for you, but for our pizzahut vouchers! *The shamWOOHOO* That’s it! MAG-INC! The deadline of the video and magazine is some time around the end of June or beginning of July, and we haven’t finished either one! *We’ve just finished our mid-year exam :( *

By the way, we’re quite serious about our video this year because of the piece of *censored* we did last year. :D We’re gonna make a world-shattering VIDEO! Like “The battle of Los Angeles”, “Inception” and “Harry Potter” , you gotta stay tuned! 

That’s all for today! See You SOON! Will upload our video when we have done it!

Yours sincerely,

WanQing ♥