Things I don’t like about people _Part 2_

2. Gettin’ the worst reply ever

When you send a very long message to a friend or whoever telling him your thrilling experience,and you get all excited hoping to get a long reply which shows his enthusiastic about this,you end up getting a reply with two and even one word,like “lol”,”haha”,”ohh”.Oh yeah,maybe you’re glad getting this “long” reply but I’m not,people hate this kind of message.Whereas there’s some people who need a punch in the face.The other day I was exhilarated and told her about something,then I got a reply said “So?”,HA-HA-HA!So what am I supposed to reply you,people?And you managed to splash a pail of freezing cold water on me,that’s good.I rather get no reply than a “whatever”.

-If you dunno what to reply,you can choose not to reply- By anonymous :)

Yours sincerely,

WanQing ♥