Things I don’t like about people _Part 1_

1. Var!ables

Weird to describe people as variables,yet I can’t find any appropriate word anymore.There’s always some people who show you this face,and when he turns to the ones with high power and those he admire,another face is shown.Some people are fake,some people are good,some people are real,and some people are REAL GOOD at being FAKE.People don’t change,just slowly they will show their real personality.They can photoshop their photo,but not their ugly personalities.If they don’t like certain people,who asks them to be nice with them and bad-mouth them at their backs?People,being fake ain’t a good habit,this is a civilized world,say whatever you want to say,people won’t ask you to swallow back all those words!Just speak your mind without worrying about the consequences,that’s what I do.People will probably get angry,but it’s better than hearing those little lies.

Yours sincerely,

WanQing ♥