She cried…

If you asked me has she ever cried,I would say NO.I reckoned it was a NO,I wished it was never a YES.
Until now,I’ve realized.She swallowed all her tears,all her pains,all her sadness throughout her lifetime.
Just now,I saw her crying.And I knew,I knew it all.I wanted to hug her so badly and tell her:
“It’s okay,I love you,we love you,that’s it.”
Then I understand.I understand what she really needs,Love from her kids,those she had raised up with all her efforts.
She ought to be loved,she is a tough woman,I do really love her.
The wound in her heart will never heal,no matter what we do,no matter how we love her.
What she needs is Love from her own children…
I love you,二姨. :) Stay strong
Yours sincerely, WanQing ♥