Something ’bout Friends

Form 3 LIFE – 2010
Form 3 life was so wonderful!I never knew I’ll be this in love with my Form 3 life until I saw all our photos in this year!Every single photo makes me smile,and even LOL!My first impression about Form 3 life was ‘I must be kinda STRESSED one!’ as many seniors of mine always say Form 3 IS STRESSED!No venture,no gain!You’ll never know how it makes you feel unless you make your first step and try!You know what?I used to hate Form 3 when I was in Form 3(okay,i know I’m still Form 3 now but I mean at school lahh)But now when I think about all these things we had experienced together,I REALISE THAT I REALLY HEART FORM 3!

Taa-Daa~08January2010 – JaimeLee‘s Birthday~
We celebrated together @ Rejoice (opposite of The Summit Batu Pahat) And her present is ….. (LOUDER!) A BOX OF JUNK FOOD! (ROFL!!!) dunno who came up with this idea,yet we all agreed with her lahh.Later on we went JiaXin’s house,YunYee & WenChie didn’t go with us.But the six of us were more than enough to ‘burst’ the car!
First celebration and hang-out of the year 2010 – Jaime’s Birthday
Rating :  ★★★★✩ (as YY and WC didn’t go to JX’s house together)

06February2010 – TzeYing‘s Birthday!
Ohmygosh!Tzeying’s birthday!We didn’t celebrate!What the heck!TzeYing we’re so sorry!And we didn’t give her present too!We just made a birthday card!This was BAD!
Dear TzeYing : We’re veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery SORRY~!对不起!!!!!!!!!!Our feelings were far beyond words can tell :(
Rating : ✩✩✩✩✩ (:C )
CNY 2010 with friends
Scene I remember the most is when all of us crammed into Hwini’s dad’s car!OHMYGOSH~That was HOT!And all 6 of us(JX,JM,HN,TY,WC,ME) were like sardine!We kept sweating and yelling XD Rachel and YunYee sat in the front seat,TWO OF THEM!Whenever the car stopped,those people in another car looked at us like they were in a zoo,SO EMBARRASSING~Btw,we ate a lot of food in everybody’s house!Oh my I miss all those food~Nevertheless,we also went out with primary school friends!(Awww,the only time we went out together this year~T.T)
Second celebration and hang-out of the year 2010 – CNY 2010
Rating : ★★★★★(Best Friends Forever~)
23February2010 – RachelZee‘s birthday!
We celebrated Rachel’s birthday @ SCHOOL!!!As that time we went out so often i guess?And that was not very long after CNY.So we just bought a cake for her.And her present is T-Shirt.(OMGosh,just typing these words is enough to make me feel embarrassed)
To : Dearest Rachel Zee Xin Wen aka Monkey King
We’re so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry~ :( 我们对不起你啊! Maafkan kami!
Third celebration of the year 2010 – Rachel’s birthday
Rating : ★★✩✩✩
02May2010 – Hwini‘s birthday!
We celebrated @ Tea Station茶栈.(around carrefour there)The card was made by RachelZee(A 3D card?!!!)And she was so proud of herself XD And before we left,we mixed up all the leftovers in a bowl.That was disgusting~Later,as usual,we went to JX’s house again.WC didn’t follow us as she left early.Then at JX’s house,two muffins were used as birthday cakes(we had no $$$ le lahh)Hwini’s birthday present is A DRESS,to be specific,a 碎布裙(like百衲被,sth like that lahh :P)Btw,the dress is so short lorhh,JX chose one XD
Forth celebration and hang-out of the year 2010 – Hwini’s Birthday
Rating : ★★★★★ (:D)
12July2010 – JiaXins birthday! (The biggest and most memorable one)
We hanged out the whole day!Why JX’s birthday celebration was the biggest?The reason is obvious,as we had got nothing to do that time.(After Hwini’s birthday,we have to wait for two more months till the next person’s birthday)So JX don’t misunderstand us,we just wanted to spend our precious time wisely!We spent that afternoon at Moli and later we went back to JX’S HOUSE!AGAIN!We had STEAMBOAT at her house!Ohmygosh I so freaking miss that time!Those delicious & mouthwatering foods!Unfortunately YunYee had to go back earlier :( After having our steamboat,Uh-huh,we played ‘Truth or Dare’!That was the memorable time!!!When all 7 of us broke down in tears and cried our eyes out!That time,we got to know each other more and more~ :) And TzeYing,the most serious one,你难道不能配合我们一下吗?!And JX’s present is a BRANDED(Nicole) jacket!
Fifth celebration and hang-out : JiaXin’s Birthday
Rating : ★★★★★
14August2010 – YunYee‘s birthday!
I only found this photo,Blame the world lamest person who hack Jaime’s FB account!We went to Bubble Tea Station?(泡沫茶坊XD) And we met ChewMin there too~And you know what?!We sat there whole day doing nothing!!!!!Nothing special happened!?What the XD.And YunYee’s present is necklace and earrings~
Sixth celebration and hang-out : YunYee’s birthday
Rating : ★★✩✩✩ (I can’t recall anything about YY’s birthday)
27August2010 – My Birthday :)
We went to Ajisen Ramen(味千拉面) That was supposed to be a surprise for me,but I smelt something fishy the day before~!I thought if I told them that day they would be really disappointed,so I just pretended I dunno anything XD That was kinda funny~ My present is a Jacket too :)
Seventh celebration and hang-out of the year 2010 : My Birthday
Rating : ★★★★✩ :)
9November2010 – WenChies Birthday!
I couldn’t find any photo :( (All photos were in Jaime’s old FB account)We went to Moli for a whole day~When we sang ‘happy birthday’ song,the people next to us were singing along with us too,so HIGH man~XD So after that we gave them a large piece of cake.And the most pleasing thing was that JX didn’t go!!!!!!!!!!!(buahahahahhahahhahahaha~)as she was sick.And when Hwini called her,she acted like “Ohhh,Im vy vy vy sick~” XD And WenChie’s present is a BAG.(bought from a ‘爬太福态’)
Eighth celebration and hang-out : WenChie’s Birthday
Rating : ★★★★✩
Yours sincerely, 

WanQing ♥