Everything has its owner,every place has its own story,every single person in this world has his parents.

Sometimes I will think,actually,we belong to our parents.Don’t we?

We’re their only but they’re our ‘one of them’.

They give us all and we take it as granted,we’ll think,Yes,we deserve all these things.

But then,we actually don’t.

When we come to think of  it,we’ll understand…

They never own all these things since they’re born,they build them up,they work them out

All by their own hands and hard work.

At last,what they’ve got?A kiss?A hug?A grateful kiss?A forced hug?A meaningless kiss?A dreadful nightmare given by their children?

What they’ve got?What?

What was they thinking when we were born?

They had their fantasy,they had their wonderful dreams,they had hopes and wishes

And then,we,some of us,ruin their dreams

Some of us,become arrogant

Some of us,become self-important

Some of us,do not love them anymore

Some of us,even some of us,USE THEM AS OUR TOOLS to get what we want

And eventually,they end up forgotten,abandoned and then crying alone in their rooms or even on the pavement

Their hopes shatter,they are hurt,

And they learn : This is the gift,nevertheless,this is the end,too…


Try to think back,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

It’s never too late too turn,the only problem is,are you willing to do it?

Now,go and kiss them,go and thank them,go and hug them,go and apologize

Love them,and love yourself too.


Yours sincerely,

WanQing ♥