Life after you,PMR!♥

October 18,2010 – Go to Hutan Lipur on foot!


Yeah,we went there from our bestari school ON FOOT!It was 8 something (I think) in the morning and it took us almost half an hour to reach there!When we reached there,ISH,we were told that we just needed to stay there and watch others dancing or whatever.WTH~I was like IF YOU JUST WANT US TO WATCH THEM DANCING OR WHATEVER,WHY DON’T WE STAY AT OUR SCHOOL?!I wanted to kill them so badly!XD Luckily they changed their minds at last,or else I would definitely kill them!

Later on,as we were ‘enjoying’ their performances,YJ,WS,JS,JF,HS and WH went up the hill (is it?) for a while.Then,suddenly they all rushed back like something horrible had just happened.WenShien told us that she saw a woman wearing red clothes with red bag and red umbrella was sitting at the side of the waterfall.Although it sounded weird,but I think we better trusted it as 宁可信其有 mah~Meanwhile,JunFang told us that somebody died there before.OhMyGOSH~I can’t control my goosebumps!It was sooo frightening!Later,HuiSin and WanHeong who didn’t believe them went to the same place where WenShien saw the ‘thing’.Guess what?!The thing was a HUMAN!She was doing yoga there.How embarrassing!Hah,fortunately we didn’t tell our teachers about this!

*What I want to say is it was so TIRING!So I decide not to write about my AGONY!XD*

Then,OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygosh!We saw this gigantic MILLIPEDE!!!Sooo revolting!How could it be this HUGE?What did it eat?!The fun thing was Encik Faizal actually afraid of MILLIpede!When Encik Azril brought the millipede to his front,he was like EHH,JANGAN,JANGAN! LOL!!!It was so amusing and OREN even brought it to him for many many many times!We were all laughing at him,FUN!:)

In the journey back to school,we bought some EXTREMELY CHEAP ICE-CREAM from an Indian seller.He was actually selling it to the students of a primary school.Hah,he was like our saviour!!!XD

Day 1 -> It was a fun yet tiring trip.However,IT REALLY BROUGHT US A LOT OF JOY!

October 19,2010 – Treasure Hunt organized by 3 BUMI/2010!


It was the day!Hwini,Rachel,Jaime,Jiaxin and I 自告奋勇 to organize this~LOL We didn’t do anything actually.It was all done on that day and we were just given our tasks to take charge at certain stations.Jaime and Jiaxin was at station 6 and the game was playing bowling with coconut (it sounds really fun!)While Hwini,Rachel and I was at station 7 which was the last station and the game was *dull+boring* using spoon to pass ping pong ball to your friends.At first,Encik Faizal told us that our station was at the back of Tasik-Y.I asked him if the place was surrounding the Tasik,and his answer was HELL YES!So,we just went there without thinking if it was the exactly place and WE WENT TO THE WRONG PLACE!

Until Rachel and Amirah came to find us,we only found out that the station wasn’t there!And we were like ENCIK FAIZAL TOLD US IT WAS THERE!HE’S GONNA DIE!XD So when we went to the place,we were thinking how to ‘explain’ to Encik Faizal.LOL!And he was like OHH SEEMS LIKE IT’S REALLY MY FAULT. LOLOLOL~

Recess time : We went to the food stalls outside Tasik-Y to buy something to eat.And HWINI kept telling us that someone was taking photo of us and he might be some 政府部门的人.Thus,thank to hwini as because of her I ate nothing that morning!I adore you so much!


By the way,the only interesting part was when RachelZee became the CLUE.She was like walking to and fro and ganjiong-ing.It was like AMAZING RACE!But she was soon found as there was few people!ISH!

This photo was taken when Weimin and Amaliyana finished their work so they came to Tasik-Y.And bumped into us.

Taken at Tasik-Y

RZ stands for Rachel Zee

WM stands for WeiMin

AU stands for HwiNi


Day 2 -> Nothing much to say,BUT yet it was another fun day!

October 20,2010 ->Fear factor!!!

Do you afraid of froggie?Do you like to eat bitter gourd??Do you dare to touch those disgusting worms with bare hands???If you dare,kindly take part in the FEAR FACTOR ORGANIZED BY TIGS!Ohmygoshgoshgosh~We had to go through SEVEN stations!Frankly I was quite excited!:) XD

First station:Makes the person laugh,walks on the stone for two rounds and MENGOPEK KELAPA YANG KERING-KERING!

The first task was easy like hell,and the second pun okay,the third task!Whataya want from me?!We were not given any tools!You just show us how to do?!! *(Am I overreacting?)We tried to break it by using the stones,using the bricks,using hands and eventually using ‘tree stem’.We wasted lotsa time there!There were some people stopping by to teach us how to do.When we tried to use a stone to break it,ohmygosh,how brittle the stone was,it broke and broke and broke into piecesss.LOL!But in the end,they*(Suharti,Amaliyana,Aisyah,Afiqah) made it!

Them with the kopek-ed coconut! :):):)

I’ve already forgotten if this was the second station or not.But since I’ve uploaded this photo so I’m gonna write about this.Look at this picture <– Isn’t it looks yummy?!HECK NO!!!It’s raw bitter gourd!I thought sambal would make it more edible and what I got was WEIRD!KINDA WEIRD!The sambal was like stuck in my throat and it was dry like hell!

Well,the other stations I’ve forgotten already.*SKIPPED SKIPPED SKIPPED*



Yours sincerely,