AmazingRace had confusing ending

Make no mistake Amazing Race fans, local team Ericka Dunlap and Brian Kleinschmidt did complete the final $1 million poker-chip count and finish the race fair and square, Dunlap says, even though that part was edited out of the final episode. Someone else’s mistake, she says, could have cost them the win and $1 million.

For those who don’t watch the finale of the CBS reality show on Sunday, the married Nashville couple made it to the final three in the worldwide race to win $1 million. Dunlap quickly scaled the side of a Las Vegas casino, landing the team in first place. Then she, with her husband’s help, had to bungee bounce to the ceiling and grab a bouquet of flowers; the former Miss America had a hard time with that, and their team moved to third. However, they arrived at the last challenge — counting out $1 million dollars in poker chips — in second place. The episode showed the two other teams quickly advancing to the last phase, leaving Dunlap and Kleinschmidt to figure out where they went wrong.Dunlap said the counter who checked their work made a mistake that could have cost them the race.

“It’s easy for us to blame her and say it was her fault, but it really was,” Dunlap said. “She was organizing her chips once we laid them on the table, and she put one of the black $500 chips in the same pile in between the blue $100 chips. We were $400 off and it was something really crazy …. When she found out that she had done that, her face was so pale. Oh gosh, she really looked like she had seen a ghost. She looked over at the producers like, ‘What do I do? They were like, ‘Count it again, guys.’ I was like, ‘You’re kidding me, right?”When the show aired, the part where Dunlap and Kleinschmidt completed the last task never aired.Dunlap said there are no hard feelings: “(Winners) Meghan and Cheyne needed this experience for their life’s journey,” Dunlap said. “It wasn’t meant for us to win it at all.”