Myolie Wu at BP Mall


Name: 胡杏兒 (胡杏儿) / Wu Hang Yee (Hu Xing Er)         English name: Myolie Wu

Nicknames: My Lo My / Myo

Profession: Actress and singer

Birthdate: 1979-Nov-06        Birthplace: Hong Kong

Height: 172cm          Weight: 64kg

Star sign: Scorpio     Chinese zodiac: Goat     Blood type: A


Myolie Wu ~taken in BatuPahat Mall just now~Time:about 7.30p.m.~She’s gorgeous!!!^.^

Don’t feel upset if u are not there , Don’t envy me because I was standing extremely near her…Hahax~Jaime got go too.. But I did’t see her , she’s standing at the right side and I was at the middle & busy taking photo… Hooray for me!! I got many photos!!! Jaime’s godmother had the golden opportunity to take photo with Myolie … Oh my my my , so so so envy!!


Lotsa pictures had been taken…Lalala… But got a bit blur >.<


She was playing game with them… They were demanded to act like Myolie in the advertisement…Amusing~


Gorgeous And Cute…Muahahha~She’s asked to make a demonstration…got the video but don’t know why can’t upload..


Love her!!!!!!haha~




~Myolie Wu~


Singing song…~Nice~*but I busy taking photo*


See the aunty next to Myolie , see her hand , hahaha…*’salty pig hand’*




~She is good in acting and singing~


~Myolie Wu~


A hand there…haih~After that , the workers got give us her poster , I tried to get it , but the guy in front of me =.=..He got one poster already but he still wanna get one more then he accidentally stepped on my leg…*I wore slippers>.<*


~Time to go back~*so fast , wish she can come again , btw Bosco also can , hahax~*My sister and I rushed down from upstair… Exhausted>.<But we can stand front there HAPPY^.^


~waving good-bye~


~Back then~

There’re losta people waiting outside…But I was forced to go back then…Went to buy Big Apple Donuts..Got video but can’t upload , sorry ya~Feel extremely happy now…hahahaha~Luckily I got go…Now I am trying to get more photos from the others but still haven’t got it… Wait ya…

~Gorgeous Myolie~

*hope that Linda Chong , Raymond Lam , Bosco Wong , Tavia Yeung can also come here!muahhaha*