I’m not bored


I just wanna “challenge” me myself , and it is so so so bored without any entertainment

so I decided to write in English .

Do you like Sophie Kinsella ? Or you like her books ?

Although I started to read it since yesterday  , and it is just the first book , and also I haven’t finished reading it

But , trust me , I know it is difficult to trust .

You will like it since you started to read it .

Finally I’ve got time to read it after K-ing books and after fighting with my exam

It’s hard and stressful , almost get killed

I found it hard to remember anything when I am in a stressful situation

My brain is going to explode after K-ing books for whole month

And also I haven’t done anything best or even good

Everybody said it is difficult but nobody say everything is difficult

So , ya , this is the conclusion

OK , just forget it , it’s just mid-year ( or ‘BUT it ‘s just mid-year ‘)


I have forgot it …So please don’t you remind me

You got watch Ghost Whisperer or not ? Last Friday ?

It ‘s a good drama for you to watch , not just for entertainment but for you to learn english

And >< David Conrad ( Jim )

waiting for the next season , quick quick quick

Actually I wanna write very long and long and long but you kept talking and murmuring from anywhere

So I stop it and let you to see

And don’t forget Saturday

See You ya .

I want to offline already , so Good Bye and hope me myself can enjoy my holiday

Go and watch the winter melon tale .

Goodbye . Nice day