Earth hour

<Earth Hour 2009>What were you doing at that time?

In one hour,just sleeping?shopping?chatting?or reading?!studying?!

Whaoo,what was I doing at that time?Guess guess guess ><

Sorry,Mr. earth  U_U I tried to switch off the light.Ya,really.At the time,I wasn’t at home. And my grandma didn’t want , and we must to take good care of her. I think if we switched off the light but we lit the candles,there will be more carbon dioxide.So,I am very sorry to Mr. earth and you. And one more things,nobody in XXXX XXXXX switch off their light.U_U


I had switch off all the room’s light except living room because “ahma” wanna watch tv.HEHE^^ I tried to upload some photo but can’t.haiz.Ok.So then we go to a restaurant call “同心缘”. Just after the earth hour. Serena cousin said the food taste delicious. so we tried.^^But I think the waiter must be improved lor.Haha.Because when we asked her what means by 皇帝面,he said noodles lor,fried noodles lar.><lllHaizz

Tom Yam Noodles ^^ NICE yeh

ToM YaM NoOdlEs that I ordered. Hey,very nice yeah.If compare with my family members’ food. Haha~Let you see the fried “meehoon” I think its “face” seemed like not very nice yeh..


Not bad but not nice too. Hehe~~So you think which one more nice?n_n Of course mine lar..


“草莓冰” nice!!~~very sweeeeeeet~~~~~~~And the stawberry!!!hehaheha~~

Its the reason for the saliva drops on my books ~~~ haha~~

And I wrote this post in english because I wanna improve my english.If got grammar or what mistake,please tell me.^^Thanks

WQ HappY